Alon Vegan and Natural Skincare Gift Set


‘My Daily Essentials’ Kit contains all three products:

  1. Lip Balm ‘Soften Me’ 10g
  2. Facial Oil ‘Rejuvenate Me’ 30ml
  3. Body Oil ‘Tone Me Up’ 100ml

All products are handmade, vegan friendly, cruelty free, with carefully selected natural and organic ingredients for your day to day use. Kit is travel friendly.

This ‘My Daily Essentials’ Kit will last you for a minimum of 2 months.


'Soften Me' lip balm is an excellent lip moisturizer, which will leave your lips soft, hydrated and glossy looking. Packed with vitamins and natural sun protection ingredients. 100% natural ingredients.

‘Rejuvenate Me’ facial oil was created for maturing, start to age skin. Carefully selected ingredients will suit most of the skin types from dry to combination. This facial oil hydrates the skin, does not clog your pores, absorbs fast and leaves your skin soft, smooth and moisturized.

'Tone Me Up' body oil is packed with fantastic carefully selected oils. Which will leave your skin moisturized, hydrated and toned up.

4 reviews for Alon Vegan and Natural Skincare Gift Set

  1. Modesta

    Having tried all the product in the gift set, I would like to say that this is great for everyday use as well as gifting. Also the packaging and presentation is perfection, the founder is truly very passionate about these products.

    The box contains 3 products : Lip balm, body oil and face oil.

  2. Dalia

    Puikui kokybe ir nuostabus aromatai. Labiausiai patiko kuno aliejus bei nuostabus ramuneliu kvapo lupu balzamas.Didziausios rekomendacijos.

  3. Christina

    This box makes such a lovely present!

  4. Anna

    As a skincare professional as Naturopath, I have an opportunity to the greatest skincare products on the market; and when it comes to non-toxic ,natural,vegan ALON ranks highest in balance with affordable & pure. I can confidently recommend the entire range of products to my clients, as they are beautifully formulated, efficacious and play well with other lines—which allows me to incorporate them into even the most complex skincare routines or treatments

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