Alon produces vegan friendly skincare products that are handmade in Ireland. Learn more about our brand story here.

There is a saying ‘that life changes the minute you turn 30’.  Well, it touched me deeply. I had everything I wanted, but it didn’t bring me happiness.  So, I made a decision to change my life and leave everything that made me unhappy behind. At that moment an exciting journey began – I discovered self-help books, meditation, travelling and much more. It helped me to turn back to the basics, slowed me down, and I got really close to nature. Although I enjoyed the journey and where it was leading me, I still had doubts. What is my purpose in life?

Then, when the whole world stopped, I had to stop too. That’s when I discovered ‘Formula Botanica’. I knew from the very beginning that this was it. Nature always fascinated me and it helped me to find answers to my questions. An exciting search began and the natural skin care world became the new home for the new me.

In my mid-30’s I was beginning to notice how my skin and body were changing. I could see the subtle differences in the mirror, like tiny wrinkles appearing around my eyes, and I realised that my life and health choices had a bigger and more visible impact on my skin.

Although I think we all should embrace the changes we are going through, it got me thinking, “How can I help my skin to be and to look healthier?” After countless hours searching for and finding the solutions I have decided to act and to share it with others. And that is how ALON was founded.

ALON is a new wave ready to show that good health, self-esteem and affordability can go hand-in-hand and that we only need the right products to make a visible and noticeable change to our skin.

I realised my real journey with ALON didn’t end there – this it was only the beginning – and now we are inviting You to join us!


Our mission is to make women feel and look healthy by providing natural, quality, affordable products. To make products with sustainable, recyclable packaging that is as minimalistic as possible.

We believe in simplicity, affordability and purity.



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